Executive Job Seekers: To Apply or Wait Until After the Holidays?

November 9, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, executives contemplating a job transition often grapple with a pivotal question: Should they actively pursue new career opportunities now, amid the festive spirit, or hold off until after the holidays? This decision demands thoughtful consideration, and here at The Job Plugs, we’re here to guide you through the strategic nuances of this choice.


The Holiday Conundrum


The holiday season, with its mix of festivities, travel, and relaxation, can create a unique atmosphere for job seekers. However, it also poses specific challenges, like reduced hiring activity and decision-making slowdowns in many organizations.


While some might opt to put their job search on hold to fully savor the holidays, others might seize the opportunity to continue their quest, believing that a proactive approach could lead to an early gift in the form of a new executive role.


Executives who choose to apply during the holidays often do so with a strategic mindset. They recognize that while many organizations reduce their hiring activity during this period, some continue to seek talent, viewing the holiday season as an ideal time to identify and secure executive leaders for the coming year.


The Benefits of Applying During the Holidays


Applying for executive roles during the holidays has its advantages. Many job seekers are taking a break, which can mean less competition for available positions. Additionally, some businesses continue their hiring activities, eager to secure talent for the upcoming year.


Moreover, holiday networking events provide an excellent platform for executives to connect with industry professionals, setting the stage for potential opportunities in the new year. In our experience at The Job Plugs, we’ve witnessed remarkable success stories from job seekers who used the holiday season to their advantage.


The Post-Holiday Momentum


For those who decide to wait until after the holidays to initiate their job search, the New Year presents a perfect time to execute their career aspirations. It’s a time when businesses often realign their budgets and set new hiring goals, creating a surge in job openings. As companies return to full operational capacity post-holidays, job seekers can ride the wave of increased hiring activity, potentially making their applications more impactful. Employers have often set New Year’s resolutions to revamp their workforce, making it an optimal time for executives to be part of this transformative process.




In the world of executive job searches, timing is indeed crucial. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the “apply now or wait” question, The Job Plugs advises executives to weigh the most relevant factors to their career goals.


Whether you choose to actively apply during the holiday season, utilize holiday networking opportunities, or opt to kickstart your job search in the New Year, remember that careful planning, proactive networking, and a comprehensive understanding of the executive job market are key to your success.


In this season of reflection and renewal, we encourage you to make decisions that align with your professional aspirations. After all, the holidays may be a season of celebration, but your career journey is a year-round adventure