Great Talent is Your Growth Engine.

The Job Plugs is an executive search and recruitment firm that connects the right talent to a quality opportunity. Our firm thoroughly vets a diverse range of candidates to meet the skills requirements and unique cultures of growing organizations in finance, nonprofits, supply chain, and information technology.

Retained Or Contingency –
It’s Your Choice.

The Job Plugs works with companies as retained executive search or as contingency placement, providing the flexibility
that our clients need to meet their needs and budget.

Retained Executive Search

With retained search, The Job Plugs is a company’s exclusive recruiter for a specified position. The firm is paid by the hiring organization, not the candidate. The Job Plugs’ retained search agreement includes an industry-leading 13-month Replacement Guarantee.

Contingency Placement

With contingency placement, The Job Plugs gets paid when a client hires a candidate. The firm’s contingency search agreement provides an organization with easy access to our broad range of talent and is backed by our 120-day Replacement Guarantee.

We Create A Win-Win For
Employers & Talent.

The Job Plugs Team are passionate about quality and diversity and won’t rest until we match a quality candidate to an outstanding job opportunity. The Job Plug’s screening and placement process ensure satisfaction for both candidate and client.

  • # Discovery

    Employer: The Job Plugs interviews the hiring manager to create a list of skills requirements and a profile of your company’s unique workplace culture.
    Candidates: Our team interviews a candidate to optimize your resume and create a profile based on your skills and goals.

  • # Match Making

    The Job Plugs has a nationwide network of experienced recruitment specialists who identify skilled candidates for our clients. Our team vets and prepares each candidate for the interview process, which may include skills tests.

  • # Interviews

    The Job Plugs recruitment team sets up interviews and coordinates follow-ups between our clients and candidates.

  • # Hiring

    Once our client hires a candidate, The Job Plugs team negotiates the candidate’s salary and benefits and sets a start date.

  • # Onboarding

    Our team provides onboarding assistance to ensure a smooth transition, including a personalized action plan so a candidate can excel on the job from Day One. Clients have the assurance of The Job Plugs long Replacement Guarantees, a benefit that is not available from our competition or from job boards.

  • # Identify Talent

    Based upon the results of our initial needs assessment our talent network is activated to identify the best possible fits for your company.

We Are Driven To Grow With You.

The Job Plugs team is composed of seasoned recruitment professionals with success in nonprofit, finance, and IT placements. Our team knows from first-hand experience that finding the right hire is critical to an organization’s success, a candidate’s career arc, and our growth as a company. We are committed to helping our clients create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. You have our promise to find a quality solution to your hiring needs.

Sectors We Serve

  • #
    Information Technology

  • #

  • #

  • #
    Supply Chain & Logistics

  • #
    Health Care

  • #

An Experienced Team With A
Proven Process.

  • # Experience

    More than 20 years of experience in the executive search industry. We strive to provide both candidates and clients with excellent customer satisfaction.

  • # Access To Top Talent

    The Job Plug’s expansive network assures a wide range of qualified and culturally diverse candidates, thoroughly screened and skill assessment, anywhere in the world.

  • # Quality Over Quantity

    Our team’s 5-step process ensures a vetted candidate matched to the right position and ready to contribute from Day One.

  • # Diversity

    Progressive companies today seek a more diverse workforce. As a 100% minority owned company, The Job Plugs shares your vision.

  • # Value Pricing

    The Job Plugs is a lean, highly efficient organization able to provide top-tier service at a lower cost than our competitors.

  • # We Guarantee It

    We offer the markets longest performance guarantees. If another firm offers a longer guarantee than us we will match it and add a extra month.

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